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Non-surgicalSome of the problems that skin-resurfacing treatments are designed to address include wrinkled or sun-damaged skin, brown spots or other pigment changes, and texture changes. Several options treatment options exist including laser and light treatments, chemical peels and dermabrasion. In essence though they all achieve their results in the same way. The top layers of skin are removed allowing new cells to “resurface” the skin and create a healthier rejuvenated appearance.

The main difference between the 3 treatment options- laser, chemical peel and dermabrasion is how they go about removing the top layers of skin. The recovery time varies not so much by procedure but by the depth of the treatment. All of the techniques can be performed to varying depths and your physician will recommend a treatment based on the goals for the procedure. More superficial treatments have shorter “downtime,” but may require multiple treatments to see the desired results.

When undergoing a consultation for a resurfacing treatment it is important to be honest with your physician about your medical history as this can have an affect on your healing process. Some medications such as Accutane can increase the risk of the procedure. Overall, these procedures are quite effective and low risk.

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