Breast Revision Palo Alto

BreastIf you have had prior breast surgery that did not meet your goals, or you have developed problems over time then you may be a candidate for revision breast surgery. Secondary surgery can replace implants that have deflated or are outdated. It can reposition implants that have shifted position, or developed problems such as a “double bubble” or symmastia. It can address a capsular contracture of the implants where the scar tissue that has developed around the implant has caused them to feel firmer than they should or become misshapen. Breast revision surgery can vary from relatively straightforward problems to more complex issues. Our surgeons will meet with you to evaluate your concerns, discuss your goals and offer you a treatment plan to address these challenging problems.

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David M. Kahn, MD welcomes patients from all over the world. Check out the benefits and accommodations when flying in for a plastic surgery procedure with David M. Kahn, MD.

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