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BodyOne of the greatest joys in life are our children. As a mom, you are an incredible woman who devotes so much of your time and energy to provide the best for your family. You do it willingly knowing that every sacrifice is worth it. In the process it can become easy to forget to take care of yourself and your dreams. The “mommy makeover” is a combination of procedures that can help restore a shapelier figure to one that has been lost due to pregnancy. Thus, improving your own self-image and making you feel as proud about your body as you do about the job you have done with your children.

During pregnancy, childbirth, and breast feeding a woman’s body undergoes several changes. The stomach skin and muscles stretch to accommodate the growing baby. There is an overall increase in bodyweight and a gain in the amount of subcutaneous fat. The breasts enlarge as they become engorged with milk.

After delivery and breast-feeding are completed and life returns to the “new normal,” the body unfortunately does not often return to its pre-pregnancy appearance. Stretch marks may have developed, and unfortunately, no cream, potion or other non-surgical treatment can erase these lines. Even with diet and exercise some mom’s are unable to lose that “baby” weight. Many moms will have persistent laxity of the abdominal wall musculature or a rectus diastasis. For others, they are able to get back to their pre-pregnancy body except for the bulge in their lower abdomen and loose skin of the tummy. Breast that had increased in size may now be deflated and droopy. For some women the breasts remain larger than desired after breast-feeding. These women begin to have the symptoms of neck and back pain as well as grooving from the bra strap.

The “mommy makeover” is a combination of procedures that addresses re-shaping of the breasts and contouring on the trunk and abdomen. In many patients these procedures can be performed during the same operation, thus combining two surgeries and two recovery periods. This option will be discussed with you, if appropriate, based on your consultation with our surgeon. In addition, some moms will consider additional procedures to address changes in the face that develop over time including botox, soft-tissue fillers and facial rejuvenation surgery to enhance their overall appearance and look well rested.

For breast rejuvenation, there are several treatment options depending on your goals and the changes that have occurred post-partum. If you have only lost breast volume and desire an increase in breast size, a breast augmentation with an implant may be appropriate. If you are happy with the volume of the breast, but unhappy with the sag or droopiness, then you may be more suited for a breast lift procedure. If the breasts sag and are a smaller size than you desire, an augmentation with a breast lift may be the best option for you. And finally if your breasts remained larger than you would like, you may be a candidate for a breast reduction to re-shape the breast.

Several options also exist for trunk and abdomen rejuvenation. Liposuction can be performed either alone or in combination with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to sculpt the figure and eliminate persistent fatty deposits that may have collected as a result of the weight gain associated with pregnancy. For many patients, any one of the variations of abdominoplasty (mini, traditional, or extended) is better suited to address the goals of tightening the abdominal wall musculature and remove the excess or lax skin and fat. In these procedures it is also possible to remove those unwanted stretch marks that develop in the lower abdomen.

Pregnancy affects each woman’s body differently based on several factors including your age at pregnancy and the genetics you have inherited. There is nothing wrong with the changes in the body after pregnancy. Not every woman who has gone through the process will need or desire to undergo surgery to make a change to their body. But, if you are someone who believes that a change would benefit your self-image come visit our office for a consultation.

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